Medication history gaps and errors put your patients—and hospital—at risk.

Gathering the best possible medication history (BPMH) for reconciliation is a cornerstone of excellent patient care. Gaps in medication history can delay optimal treatment, put patients at risk, and contribute to higher readmission rates.

With MedHx℠ and SmartSuite™ automating your process, staff can save as much as 80% of the time they currently spend researching a patient’s medication – time that can be reinvested in diagnosis and care delivery.

  • Cloud-based platform for rapid implementation
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training
  • Supports compliance with provincial, national, and international med rec best practices

AI Innovation Award-Winner

2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas and MedTech Breakthrough AI Innovation Awards

SmartSuite was selected as winner of the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Award in the MedTech Breakthrough Awards and earned honorable mentions in the AI & Data and Health categories in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards!

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards program recognized SmartSuite as “an enormous leap forward” in improving medication reconciliation, leading to reduced adverse drug events and readmissions and improved efficiency and treatment decisions. SmartSuite converts free text from external systems into a user system’s unique terminology and presents the data discretely into appropriate fields to maximize functionality within the electronic health record (EHR) system and save time for clinicians.

“Data sharing is essential to a patient’s transition from one clinician to another and SmartSuite is an enormous leap forward in quality in this area to make that data usable across non-connected systems, helping clinicians to spend less time reconciling free text manually and freeing them up to focus on patient safety and throughput. We extend our sincere congratulations to DrFirst on their well-deserved ‘AI Innovation Award’ win in our 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program.”

James Johnson
Managing Director
MedTech Breakthrough


BPMH Completeness
Up to 45% of missing sigs filled

3.5 min.

Time Savings
AI prescription translations saved 3.5 minutes per in-patient admission


Reduces medication reconciliation clicks and keystrokes by 50%

“Pharmacy technicians complete our medication histories for the ED and pharmacists check them. On a regular basis, transcription errors occur. With our DrFirst solution, the pharmacist has something to refer to when checking the medication history and can correct these transcription errors. This is the most common way that MedHx and SmartSig prevent ADEs.”

Michelle Adamczyk | Pharmacist
University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center

“To save time and improve quality of medication history data when consolidating three EHRs, we developed a data conversion process using DrFirst’s AI engine. This normalized the medication data while addressing discrepancies and variations from the old EHRs, inferring missing data with context from medication histories to prevent blank fields while avoiding manual entry.”

Robert Lackey, M.D., FAAFP | Chief Medical Information Officer
WellSpan Health

“With SmartSig, we saw a 14% gain in our throughput, and our sig accuracy is at 93%. I have been doing this [work] going on six years, and if you would have told me six years ago that we would have 93% accuracy from a database for home medications, I would have probably looked at you like you were a little bit nuts.”

Rebecca Sulfridge, PharmD | Clinical Pharmacist, Emergency Medicine
Covenant Healthcare

“SmartSig has significantly contributed to increased patient safety and improved health outcomes at KDMC. In the first seven months following implementation, our overall 30-day readmission rates decreased by 11%.”

Joe Farr, BSN, RN | Clinical Applications Coordinator
King’s Daughters Medical Center

“We enjoy the convenience and ease of compiling an accurate prior-to-admission medication list without having to make extra phone calls to confirm sigs.”

Latoya Forbes | Pharmacy Technician
University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina

Covenant Health Logo

Covenant HealthCare Expands Use of AI to Gather Medication History

WellSpan Health Improves Legacy EHR Data and Quality of Patient Records with AI

SmartSig Saves Billings Clinic Hundreds of Staff Hours

Webinars On Demand

Improving Patient Safety and Clinical Workflows with Artificial Intelligence

Are you or your staff frustrated by manually entering your patient’s medication history? A panel of industry experts discusses the root causes of unstructured data, and how to leverage AI to improve patient safety and streamline the medication reconciliation process within Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and MEDITECH EHRs.

Brian Patty, former Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Alidade Group
John McDaniel, Managing Director, Health IT Leaders
Colin Banas, M.D., M.H.A., Chief Medical Officer, DrFirst

MUSE International: Enhancing Workflows &Patient Safety with AI-Driven Integrated Medication History

Obtaining a Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) upon admission is time-consuming, even when hospitals have access to a regional pharmacy database. When a Canadian province launched its complete, online database, it was time to reimagine an EMR integrated, AI-driven BPMH that strengthens eMedRec at Interior Health Authority in British Columbia. Diane Jones shares her experience with the decision-making process and implementation of an eMedRec program.

Diane Jones, PMP, IT Systems Analyst and Project Manager, Interior Health Authority

See how our solution improves the quality and quantity of medication history available.

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